I am Dead.

I had the huge pleasure of working with Hollow Ponds and Dick Hogg on their newest game; 'I am Dead'. I was hired to work on the games UI, as well as some design and illustration elements that were used in-game. (Mild spoilers below)

Client: Hollow Ponds & Dick Hogg / Annapurna Interactive


 UI: Throughout the game, I was tasked with designing the User Interface for the game. The team wanted a clear and simple design that worked with the flow of the game but didnt didnt get in the way. A few examples here show the pause menu, how I designed the tool tips, item /location descriptions and a few developments of the pause icon. 





Riddle Posters: In each level, there are poster hiding Mr Whitstable's riddles. The team had already planned the theme and subject of each so I illustrated the set, trying to match the style of Dick Hogg throughout. Here are a few examples: 





Prospects: During gameplay, we wanted each Prospect to have their own screen which showed their connected mementos and a description about them. Here are a few examples of my final designs. (Dick Hogg did the amazing character illustrations) 




Mementos: In each enviroment, icons needed to be created to represent the 5 missing mementos from each ghost. For each there needed to be a outline state and a filled sate for when they had been found. (Final level icons have been hidden for spoilers)


 All images copyright © Ollie Hoff, 2022.